Monday, January 28, 2008

Website launch

It's up! It's far from perfect, but I thought it was time to get the beta out there; it's been working well, so there was no reason not to release.

That said, expect bugs and test code everywhere, and the website didn't escape from bugs, either. IE6 doesn't display it right, but Firefox, Opera, and IE7 do, so it's probably not my fault (just my problem).

Hopefully I get some actual features added, soon. The deadlines are "whenever," but the priorities are the status display, playlist, and hacked up position seek (hacked up for VBR, pretty close for ABR/CBR). Next week would be nice, but a month is more realistic. There are still a few pesky bugfixes I need to work on. And the plan is to add advertising, so that's somewhere on the list.

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