Sunday, July 12, 2009

Progress update

When I started writing s3mp, I wrote it because I wanted to be able to access my music whenever I was in front of a computer and a browser. Once it reached the point where it basically did that with all the features I want (searching by tag is more important to me than playlists), development slowed.

But that's no excuse. Here's the current todo list:

  • Fix the bug where an mp3 starts downloading, but not playing. Why this happens is a bit of a mystery. The library that comes with Flex has is supposed to send notifications when a sound's downloading or it's ready for playing. S3mp gets the download progress notification, but never one indicating it's ready to play.
  • Add seek functionality. The Flex library doesn't support getting the total length on an mp3. In order to get it, I need to manually read the first few KB of the file and figure out its size and bitrate, and then calculate...unless it's variable bitrate. In that case, I need to search for either a LAME or XING header that holds the length of the song.
  • UI cleanup and features.